This is the first post for the new WordPress page.  It is part of a new web-presence that I have conceived of with the incredible help of my good friend, Tarky.  It will (does) contain a link for my own photography that will, I hope, highlight and bring people in to see my work in the Virtual Gallery out here.  I feel that the days of ‘Actual Space’ are going through a series of changes.  With the rapid democratizations of artistic expressions available, the separation between talent and ability with formalized learning and “art connections” is growing very thin and somewhat superfluous.  The need to have a big physical room full of people hob-nobbing, eating cheese, drinking mediocre white wine and schmoozing are on the decline.

The Virtual Gallery is the future, with invitations sent, an opening time for the guests to arrive, and interactive visual chat to go along.  This I hope for.  This is the future of art.



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