A new post, and not just a test…

It’s good to finally be on-board with WordPress.  I am liking the freedom and easily molded interfaces and options.  I have also been on the phone for a fair amount of time with a good friend, Tarky7, who is walking me through many of the features, which, for the most part, are unbreakable.  This is all good news for me.

I finally finished my last paper for the ‘U.S. Cold War Foreign Policy in the Caribbean’ class.  A month late and well over the page requirement, but then again, most of my work usually is.  I still have a few short assignments for the other class I received an extension for, and that will be finished eventually. Grades? Who knows…The two courses I am taking this semester are fun already.  The first is my Senior Thesis, which will deal with the two power vacuums that occurred in the Balkans after 1918 and then following the death of Marshal Tito in 1980.  I have a pretty good bibliography built up already and have received good news from my friends in Serbia who are willing to be interviewed for use as primary sources.  The other class is called ‘From Page to Stage’ and concerns itself with dramaturgy, direction, and set design.  I will be seeing and reading a lot of plays this semester.  All fun.

My tickets for the Balkan trip have been accentuated by my hotel reservation in Vienna…”Ah, yes, Vienna”, as Jean Reno said in ‘Ronin’…

Today at breakfast Mom asked what had happened to the man who used to be our neighbor.  He moved away over ten years ago.  The woman who bought his home was very nice, but she moved last fall.  They were both good friends.  Mom used to know this, but it seems today as if this  has slipped away into the world of memory loss and dementia.  Perhaps she’ll remember tomorrow.  Sadness can be all around me and effect me terribly, but I am keeping my head above water and working towards something better for myself.  I wish sometimes that she could comprehend the direction I am going and appreciate it as much as I.  I suppose she appreciates that I appreciate it.

I am off to a local meeting tonight.  There are at least 5 celebrants, ranging from 4 years of sobriety to 24.  Pretty amazing.


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