A new room, a new link, and dinner with mom…

I heard some poor advice on some TV show the other night…’If a man lives with his mother, run…’. I think this is unfair to those of us who have given up our careers to live with our elderly parents in their time of need. I just thought I’d get that out.

I’m making dinner tonight. We are having grilled lamb chops from a local farmer who we let hunt on our land. In return he gives us lamb, ground beef, etc…all free-range, free of drugs, etc…Tasty stuff. Just to clarify, he hunts deer, not sheep and cattle. Along with that I am roasting acorn squash and serving some salad on the side.

Here is my hotel room in Plitvice (Pleet-veets-say)National Park in Croatia, on the Bosnian border. It is a lovely place, somewhat high altitude rain forest, with a series of tiered lakes that are this crazy aquamarine color due to natural mineral content. Google the name and you’ll find out the history or go here to the UNESCO list and find out for yourself–Fascinating (sometimes tragic) and wrapped in history and current events.

It rained almost the entire time I was there in June and it was pretty cool at night, around 50*F. The fun thing was that I had driven that day from Split, on the coast, where it was 85*F and dry to this wet, cold, drizzly green place. I was alone in the hotel except for a large group of Japanese tourists on a bus who stayed inside. I had the park almost all to myself!

I have added a new link at the bottom..It’s to a fellow blogger and professional librarian. She was (is) part of the DocPhoWrkshp I have been attending. Check out her blog. Lots to see and do there.


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