Busy days, and grateful for them…

I started my other college class last night. It’s a college writing class, which is a good thing because I haven’t written any college papers in 20 years or so, and even then, they were sub-par. I’m not going to have any problems with grammar, punctuation, spelling, or the basics, but my essay and term paper writing really needs a lot of work. There is a chance (slim) that I may be advanced to College Writing 2, but I’d rather not assume that I know any more than I do and move too quickly. I am in no rush to be handed the parchment. I’m in school to learn and be taught.

The teacher, Claudia Hough, seems very nice and obviously knows her stuff. Her class seems well organized and my assignment will keep me busy until next Wednesday, but not crazy busy. This is a relief since I have this paper due for my Philosophy class the same day. Reading and writing…I’m grateful and lucky that I enjoy both of those activities.

There is a woman in the class who is very attractive. She’s very young, though. I’m twice her age, but she’s very smart and very pretty which are the 2 things I look for in a romantic attachment. She was a PoliSci/Philosophy double major at SUNY, but burned out. Now she’s trying her hand at Photography at Empire State. Pretty and smart–my favorite things….

Maybe tomorrow I’ll expound on my theory that smart people who like to learn new things have better sex than people who sit around all day and watch TV.

It’s only a theory…


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