Digital Art and Design…Fini!

I have emailed my teacher the final two projects for the course I took last semester.  Very late, and just barely acceptable, but there it is.  DigArtDes is done.  I can now put last semester behind me for good.

Mom celebrated her 85th birthday yesterday in real style with a small gathering of some close friends, both old and new.  Chicken salad sandwiches, tortellini prima vera salad, and chocolate pound cake: all made by me except for the cake. It was fun to have people here to help her celebrate and she was flabbergasted at the outpouring of emotion, cards, flowers and gifts.  One guest, however, has had a checkered past with my mother that I had not thought about.  It concerns me when I was a little boy.  Her son was very mean to me and made sure that other children were mean to me too.  For this I had a miserable time in grade school, and my mother has never forgotten it.  I have written about this before, sometime in 2005 I think.  The kid turned into a real drunk and I ended up helping him get to meetings when he decided to get sober (2005).  I remember gritting my teeth as I drove him on those cold dark nights to and from his home .  What a shit.  He’s still a shit, but at least he’s not drinking.  Some day maybe he’ll thank me for doing it.  I’m not holding my breath.  Still, it kept me sober and I went through the phases of acceptance with him (anger, pity, acceptance, letting go) concerning our past. I think he is pretty clueless about it. Yep, Josh…You’re still a shit.

It is sunny and warm.  The days have grown longer and the birds sing.  My cat enjoys staying outside more often.  It must be spring!


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Johnnyboy is a queer recovering alcoholic. For the moment he is also the primary caregiver for his mother, who suffers from age-related cognitive impairment. She is happy as a lark and is surrounded by a crew of sober women which gives him the freedom he needs to get out of town. When he is not at home in Somewheresville, he is searching out the proper path to travel for happiness and joy. He is a photographer who believes in the digital age, but feels that film is still where its at. He has a darkroom and works in it. He is single and is in remarkably great physical condition for all the damage he has submitted his body to. His cardiologist is very happy. Johnnyboy is over the age of 35.

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