Family, School, and Thanksgiving…

So it is the beginning of the ‘Holidays’ around here. The men are up in the woods, carrying guns and out for blood. It is raining now, but it sleeted and snowed overnight. This gives the day a monochromatic pallor and begs the blogger to go back to bed and hibernate. Bears are smart…Who’d want to be out in this crap? This Thanksgiving is looking to be a good one, though, and has all the earmarks of a classic. Originally it was just my sister, BiL, mom, and me, then unexpectedly my other sister announced that she and my niece would be coming down for a couple of days. This is great news. It will be a wonderful thing to have a house full of people and a real test of ‘one day at a time’ for me. I can project all I want to, bu the reality is that this will be fun and interesting for all and it’s not about me.

School is going…I have contacted my Historiography prof and asked if I could hand in the paper after Thanksgiving. In all truthfulness it was I who told him it would be done by the 22nd, not some contract that he wished fulfilled. So I’ll hand it in by the end of next week and have my final ‘meeting’ with him on December 6th. Now that I have 8 additional credits to work on, I have to budget my time a little better, and this week is all but a wash…I do have a meeting with my mentor this afternoon in The Capital which I am prepared for, so that’s no problem.

To the left and right are some pictures of telephone booths from the photo project I did last week for my Documentary Photography workshop…


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