NERAASA and angry comments from the peanut gallery…

NERAASA was awesome. I will be a better GSR because of this assembly and not only improve my own life, but the service involvement of my homegroup as well. Pretty simple stuff, if I work it.

I have had to enable my ‘comment moderation’ button due to a very angry and dangerous blogger named Micky. I came home form the weekend to find his nasty and angry words filling the fields. I apologize for all those who wish to comment freely, but I must now review your words. I have reported him as a spammer, so maybe that will help as well. The gist of his 14 comments (14!) was that AA is the work of Satan and we are all going to burn in hell. All this does is remind me that despite the true christian (small ‘C’) teachings in the Bible (Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness, etc…) there are some really crazy and violent people out there who use a book of love and kindness to harm to innocent people trying to get well in a way that works for them.

Poor soul. He probably tried AA and wasn’t willing to ask for help, so people stopped talking to him. Now he has a resentment and is taking it out on all of us. I’ve met some of these folks in the flesh and they are truly troubled. I can see the fear on their faces.


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Johnnyboy is a queer recovering alcoholic. For the moment he is also the primary caregiver for his mother, who suffers from age-related cognitive impairment. She is happy as a lark and is surrounded by a crew of sober women which gives him the freedom he needs to get out of town. When he is not at home in Somewheresville, he is searching out the proper path to travel for happiness and joy. He is a photographer who believes in the digital age, but feels that film is still where its at. He has a darkroom and works in it. He is single and is in remarkably great physical condition for all the damage he has submitted his body to. His cardiologist is very happy. Johnnyboy is over the age of 35.

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