New classes, good days…

So I have begun yet another semester in college. I have had 4 meetings so far, two of which were study groups and a third a private tutorial. the fourth meeting was with my new faculty mentor, Karen garner. She seems like the right person for me. She is very knowledgeable and will help me a great deal to navigate my remaining time in school. She also has some cool ideas for my Fine Arts Gen Ed requirement, but that’s a secret…All I’ll say is that it will have something to do with PowerPoint, travel, photography, and music. No, it will not be one of those boring travel slide shows

“And here is another beautiful mountain range…”

My two classes are both Gen Ed thingies, but I am looking forward to working hard and receiving two ‘A’s for my efforts. The first is American History 1 and the second is a natural science class called ‘From Genes to Galaxies’. The AmHist will be fun, because the teacher, a youngish SUNY PhD told us, at the beginning of class that 95% of what we have learned about the subject in most classes is wrong. We are welcome to argue with him, and indeed, he may give us better grades if we do, but most history (and most history texts) is taught with a specific agenda in mind that skews the facts to support a specific purpose. So I like that one already.

The science class is concerned more with scientific literacy more than science. the goal, the teacher explained, is for us to leave the class with a sense of what is going on in the world and to be able to discuss the scientific subjects of the day in an everyday setting. Our final project is a biography of a scientist (living or dead) we admire with a 10 minute presentation. My subject will be Neils Bohr, the Danish physicist. Why, you may ask?

Because quantum physics does it to me liike…like…Oh dear, I’ve done it again…

I have been mastering Excel as well, so by next September when my art report is due, I should be pretty fluent with the Windows toolbox.

Well, I’m off to do some reading before I head out and help another AA to a meeting.

BTW, my cumulative GPA is 3.87…Not too shabby!


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