On the road again…

So I hit the road April 27th, back to the Balkans for AA conventions, fellowship in Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina and endless diesel-like coffees.  I am also conducting the interviews I have spoken about already.  But first, a treatise on camera/shoulder bags for the traveling set–No matter how hard you try, two things are guaranteed when you search for the perfect bag:

1. It will always be either too small or too large.

2. You will end up with a closet full of them.

Since I have some new gear, I have ordered two bags, each from the same company, Domke.  I guess this company is the professional’s choice, so it will be my choice too.  They are non-descriptive and do not look like camera bags.  The first is the Domke F-2 .  It is big enough, but I do not know if it has the pocket arrangement for stuff other than cameras.  The second is the J-1 . This is the bag-of-bags.  I think it’s the one I’ll keep, because like it or not, one is going back.  This means less room taken up in my closet.  It also means that the photograph posted here will not have any unwanted additions.  Maybe my quest is over!  in the Pile o’Bags are two Timbuk2 messenger bags (one which I use a lot, the blue and grey one), one Swiss Army laptop satchel, one Osprey messenger style, a Crumpler camera satchel and a Tamrac camera bag (black) that is alright, but it screams  “Cameras inside, please steal me!”  I think this week I will give away the large Timbuk2, the Osprey, and the Swiss Army laptop case. Anyone want them?  They are great and well made, but they are extraneous luggage.

When I choose the winner next week, I’ll pack it up and post some pictures…

Oh yeah…School is done for the semester.  I am hoping for two more ‘A’s…


A pile of bags I do not use that often
A pile of bags I do not use that often

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