Posting commentators…and more…

I must admit these folks amuse me.

First, there are the legit ones, people I know, people who are genuinely responding. Thank you for everything.

Then there are the nutters and spammers…We all have those.

Then there are the folks who search the blogs for keywords and then comment on those posts. I just got one of those. It was a comment on a post I wrote back in January 27, 2006. It was about “A Million Little Pieces” and Oprah Winfrey. I mean really, how often have I thought of Oprah since then? Once? Twice, maybe?

The great news is that the photography company that I have been sending my digital prints to for enlarging is as goos as advertised. I know have 9 -16″ x 24″ prints that I need to have matted. I’ll frame them myself. The quality is superb (real Kodak paper) and the price…So inexpensive. For the whole 9 pictures it was around $130, and that includes s/h.

Very happy.

I am off to The Manhattan Short Film Festival tomorrow night with a friend and then to a night out in Troy, New York on Friday. I have begun my Tai-Ji Guon class and handed in the first of six papers for my Commie Class.

The photoshop class is buzzing along too. Above is an example of some work that I have done.


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