Quick update…

Now that I have been hone for about a week I have decided to give a run-down of the past day’s events.

My jet-lag lasted about 4 days, but was not a bother, really. I just made sure I drank enough water and had a lie-down when I became worn out in the afternoon. By Sunday night it was all gone.

Mom is doing surprisingly well, considering she has moderate cognitive impairment, is 84, and was diagnosed with erlichthiosis 3 weeks ago….Her weeks of antibiotics are over but she still gets worn out easily. Bed rest with moments of activity and action are the prescribed medicines now. Her caregivers are here, and will be until we no longer need them. In short, my time as caregiver has passed. For three years I did what they are doing and neglected my own life. My activities were kept to meetings, school, and the occasional trip. My mental state was one of constant worry about mom and “what if something happens when I’m out of the house” type of thinking.

I no longer think like that. I can now live a freer life. So the caregivers that are here are really working for me as well. Amazing.

There is a big show at the New York Botanical Garden that I want to see before it closes–The Orchid Show. Then there are some museums to visit…Things to do, people to see…

My Fall semester is shaping up as well. I am taking a Digital Art and Design course and I have designed, with another professor, a course called ‘US-Caribbean Foreign Policy During the Cold War’. I have also been evaluated by a professional concerning the 12 credits I am asking for from my Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. She said she is going to recommend these be awarded at the advanced level. That means (I think) that if this all goes well, I will only have another 24 credits left to complete before my BA is finished!

That’s on;y three semesters…That would be very cool. It would also put me ahead of schedule for my MFA proposal.

So much going on! Yay!


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Johnnyboy is a queer recovering alcoholic. For the moment he is also the primary caregiver for his mother, who suffers from age-related cognitive impairment. She is happy as a lark and is surrounded by a crew of sober women which gives him the freedom he needs to get out of town. When he is not at home in Somewheresville, he is searching out the proper path to travel for happiness and joy. He is a photographer who believes in the digital age, but feels that film is still where its at. He has a darkroom and works in it. He is single and is in remarkably great physical condition for all the damage he has submitted his body to. His cardiologist is very happy. Johnnyboy is over the age of 35.

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