Relief work beginnings…

I have begun a process which may or may not bring me into the world of relief organizations and volunteerism. I have emailed some folks in the Balkans about connecting with them next spring and helping out. I would love to do it and the idea has always appealed to me.

I am also making a decision to leave my current home group and moving across the border, closer to home. My sponsor thinks it is a good idea, seeing as my contact with the ‘new’ group is more solid that the other. I see and hang out with these other folks a lot and it seems a natural change for me.

The New York State convention last weekend solidified this idea for me. I gleaned the knowledge of a more dedicated and deeper type of service to my home group and staying in the local area where I can be of assistance to others nearer to home. In this light I have discovered that my new group does not have a General Service Representative and I think I am ready to do the job. It’s a small district and I have been to several GSR meetings in the area already. No sweat, as far as I am concerned.

I do have a commitment already in action at the old group, though. I picked up a coffee job last month and still have two months left to go. I would love it if someone were to pick it up for me, but I won’t count on it. No expectations…

Anyway, that’s the buzz these days…


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