Spinning my wheels in Split…

I have reached that point in my travels that I have stayed here too long, in Split, that is. My friend Marko has been very kind to let me stay at his home, far outside the city, but it has actually been very inconvenient for me. I have been reliant on him for transport, etc…Yes, you can say that I am relying on a Higher Power, but humans are not my idea of a HP, and Marko is far from the ideal. He is flighty and disorganized and changes his mind at a moments notice, giving any real thought to his passengers. He may believe that he is thinking of them, but he is not.

I am also finding it difficult to stay out of other folks’ adventures. I gave someone some unasked advice yesterday and I just did it again…Damn. I hate breaking my own travel rules. This is more evidence that I have outstayed my time in Dalmatia. I am becoming an ‘expert’.

So tomorrow I head off to Plitvice National Park, north of here and find a hotel, where I belong. I am a tourist and do not relish the idea of staying in people’s homes too long. Plus I do not know the area, so I will be the one asking the questions. Unfortunately, before I get there I will be at the mercy of my mercurial friend who has offered to drive me there. He says we are leaving at noon, and that it will take 3 hours to drive to the park. We’ll see…In some ways I’d rather take the bus.

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