The end of therapy…

There’s no way I can say it any better. Today is the last day I will be seeing my therapist on a regular and formal basis. This is not a sudden decision, but rather one that has been going on for about a year now.

I have been seeing him since September, 2001. It has been over 6 1/2 years of weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) sessions and we have covered a lot of ground. We have dealt with PTSD, Jungian archetypes, Inner Family Dynamics, and Neurocybernetics. I feel that the point of therapy is not to cure me (can one ever be psychologically cured?) but rather to show that I have the tools with which to handle any situation. It’s time to go.

Plus, it will be nice to have Tuesdays back, uninterrupted. I could use the time in a more studious fashion. The time to get to and from therapy plus the hour or so in between adds up to almost 3 1/2 hours when all is said and done. Granted, a lot of that is travel…Now that’s crazy.

I’ll be leaving the house at 11AM to pick up the mail first. At 12PM I go to my last wing-ding with him, then scoot off to the gym for an hour or so at 2PM, and then get my hair cut at 3:30PM. I’ll be home by 4:30PM. There’s a lot of unnecessary miles in between those appointments.

Here’s a picture from a series I took with my Agfa Silette. It’s called ‘Mom at Different Distances’.

This one is “15 Feet”.


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